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The 23rd IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP)
November 10-13 2015                                                  San Francisco, CA

ICNP 2015 Panel on Quality of Experience

Computer networks are used to provide access to information and services, and for peer-to-peer and group communication. There has been a great deal of research on network and protocol design, network management, and resource allocation to optimize various performance parameters of a network, such as throughput, delay or loss rates. In this panel we consider a higher level objective: the quality of experience of the user. For example, when searching for information, the user experience can be affected by the freshness of the information, how long it took to receive, its accuracy, precision and completeness. Some of these metrics depend on the information source; others depend on how the information is delivered, cached or processed. We will explore quality of experience from the perspective of difference services and networks, and discuss open research challenges.

Tom La Porta (moderator) – Penn State
Fangfei Chen – Akamai
Sujata Banerjee – Hewlett Packard Labs
Mun Choon Chan – National University of Singapore
KK Ramakrishnan - UC Riverside